Remix of "Who is it"

11/21將發行一張 'Shooting Stars & Asteroids' remix of 'Who Is It' 是2001年最早版本的 'Who Is It', 當時取名為 "Embrace Fortress"。 這首歌在巡迴演唱晝伏夜出 (Vespertine) 時面市, 後來重作, 收在2004年的 Medulla. 右邊ecouter 有片段試聽。 On November 21st, the label Rephlex are releasing an EP featuring the 'Shooting Stars & Asteroids' remix of 'Who Is It' (catalogue number CAT 174 EP). This song is the first version from 2001 - back when it was known as "Embrace Fortress" - with music by Bogdan Raczynski. The song was first heard performed on the Vespertine tour with the Inuit choir, to later be heavily reworked and included on Medulla. This EP will also be distributed by LaBaleine (check the page for mp3 samples) in France on Novembert 21st. Bogdan told The Miami Times last year of his first encounter with Bjork: 'We literally bumped into each other while I was playing onstage, doing vertical jumps, trying to smash the tables and maximum raving, and apparently she was too. It was a beautiful thing we did together.' -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(