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1st Doctor *[S08E04] Listen -01-*[S07E13] The Name of the Doctor [ SP] The Pilot Episode(內部試播集) [S01E01] An Unearthly Child(4 eps) [CHS-Susan&Barbara&Ian登場] An Unearthly Child / The Cave of Skulls / The Forest of Fear / The Firemaker Sk[S01E02] The Daleks(7 eps) Magnedon!!Skaro Dalek!!Dals!! Thal!! The Dead Planet / The Survivors / The Escape / The Ambush / The Expedition / The Ordeal / The Rescue [MOV SP] Dr. Who and the Daleks(翻拍電影版) [S01E03] The Edge of Destruction(2 eps) The Edge of Destruction / The Brink of Disaster [S01E04] Marco Polo(修復上色版)(7 eps) The Roof of the World / The Singing Sands / Five Hundred Eyes / The Wall of Lies / Rider from Shang-Tu / Mighty Kublai Khan / Assassin at Peking [S01E05] The Keys of Marinus(6 eps) Arbitan!!Voord!! The Sea of Death / The Velvet Web Morpho!! Ice Soldier!! / The Screaming Jungle / The Snows of Terror / Sentence of Death / The Keys of Marinus [S01E06] The Aztecs(4 eps) The Temple of Evil / The Warriors of Death / The Bride of Sacrifice / The Day of Darkness [S01E07] The Sensorites(6 eps) sensorite!! Strangers in Space / The Unwilling Warriors / Hidden Danger / A Race Against Death / Kidnap / A Desperate Venture [S01E08] The Reign of Terror(6 eps) A Land of Fear / Guests of Madame Guillotine / A Change of Identity / The Tyrant of France / A Bargain of Necessity / Prisoners of Conciergerie [S02E01] Planet of Giants(3 eps) Planet of Giants / Dangerous Journey / Crisis [S02E02] The Dalek Invasion of Earth(6 eps)Dalek Saucer Commander!! [Susan離開] Disc Dalek!! Supreme Controller(Black Dalek)!! World's End / The Daleks / Day of Reckoning Ronoman!!Slyther!! / The End of Tomorrow / The Waking Ally / Flashpoint [MOV SP] Daleks-Invasion Earth:2150 A.D.(翻拍電影版) [S02E03] The Rescue(2 eps) [Vicki登場] Koquillion!! Dido Person!! The Powerful Enemy / Desperate Measures [S02E04] The Romans(4 eps) The Slave Traders / All Roads Lead to Rome / Conspiracy / Inferno [S02E05] The Web Planet(6 eps) Animus!! Zarbi!!Menoptera!! Optera!! The Web Planet / The Zarbi / Escape to Danger Larvae gun!! / Crater of Needles / Invasion / The Centre [DVD SP] Ian Chesterton:An Introduction [S02E06] The Crusade(4 eps) The Lion / The Knight of Jaffa / The Wheel of Fortune / The Warlords [S02E07] The Space Museum(4 eps) Morok!! Xeron!! The Space Museum / The Dimensions of Time / The Search / The Final Phase [S02E08] The Chase(6 eps)SolarPoweredDalek!! DalekSupreme!! Ardian!! [Barbara&Ian離開][Steven登場] Mire Beast!! Mechonoid!! The Executioners / The Death of Time / Flight Through Eternity / Journey into Terror / The Death of Doctor Who / The Planet of Decision [S02E09] The Time Meddler(4 eps) Monk!! The Watcher / The Meddling Monk / A Battle of Wits / Checkmate *[10thSP] The Three Doctors [S03E01] Galaxy 4(4 eps) Drahvin!! Chumbly!! Rill!! Four Hundred Dawns / Trap of Steel / Air Lock / The Exploding Planet [S03E02] Mission to the Unknown Supreme Dalek!! Dalek Empire!! Varga!! [S03E03] The Myth Makers(4 eps) [Vicki離開][Katarina登場] Temple of Secrets / Small Prophet, Quick Return / Death of a Spy / Horse of Destruction [S03E04] The Daleks' Master Plan(12 eps)Supreme Dalek!! Dalek Empire!! [Katarina離開][Sara] Monk!! The Nightmare Begins / Day of Armageddon / Devil's Planet / The Traitors / Counter Plot / Coronas of the Sun / The Feast of Steven(1965XmasSP) / Volcano / Golden Death / Escape switch / The Abandoned Planet / Destruction of Time *[20thSP] The Five Doctors [S03E05] The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve(4 eps) War of God / The Sea Beggar [Dodo登場] / Priest of Death / Bell of Doom [S03E06] The Ark(4 eps) Monoid!! Refusian!! The Steel Sky / The Plague / The Return / The Bomb [S03E07] The Celestial Toymaker(4 eps) Celestial Toymaker!! The Celestial Toyroom / The Hall of Dolls / The Dancing Floor / The Final Test [S03E08] The Gunfighters(4 eps) A Holiday for the Doctor / Don't Shoot the Pianist / Johnny Ringo / The OK Corral [S03E09] The Savages(4 eps) [Steven離開] [S03E10] The War Machines(4 eps) [Dodo離開][Polly&Ben登場] [S04E01] The Smugglers(4 eps) [S04E02] The Tenth Planet(修復版/動畫版)(4 eps) Cyberman(Mondas)!! [XMASSP] Twice Upon a Time 2nd Doctor [S04E03] The Power of the Daleks(修復版/黑白動畫版/彩色動畫版)(6 eps) [S04E04] The Highlanders(4 eps) [Jamie登場] [S04E05] The Underwater Menace(4 eps) [S04E06] The Moonbase(4 eps) Cyberman2(Mondas)!! [S04E07] The Macra Terror(4 eps) [S04E08] The Faceless Ones(6 eps) [Polly&Ben離開] Sk[S04E09] The Evil of the Daleks(7 eps) [Victoria登場]Dalek Emperor!! Humanised Dalek!! [S05E01] The Tomb of the Cybermen(4 eps)Cyberman&Controller&Mat(Telos)!! [S05E02] The Abominable Snowmen(6 eps) GI!!Yeti!! [S05E03] The Ice Warriors(6 eps) Ice Warrior!! [S05E04] The Enemy of the World(6 eps) [S05E05] The Web of Fear(6 eps) [Brig] GI!!Yeti!! -M1-[S05E06] Fury from the Deep(6 eps) [Victoria離開] [S05E07] The Wheel in Space(6 eps) [Zoe登場] Cyberman3&Planner&Mat(Mondas)!! [S06E01] The Dominators(5 eps) [S06E02] The Mind Robber(5 eps) [S06E03] The Invasion(8 eps) [UNIT-Brig] Cyberman&Planner(Planet 14)!! *[10thSP] The Three Doctors [S06E04] The Krotons(4 eps) [S06E05] The Seeds of Death(6 eps) Ice Warrior!! [S06E06] The Space Pirates(6 eps) Ga[S06E07] The War Games(10 eps) [Jamie&Zoe離開] War Lord!! *[20thSP] The Five Doctors (Ga)[S22E04] The Two Doctors 3rd Doctor [DVD SP] Devious(fan-made) [S07E01] Spearhead from Space(4 eps) [Liz&UNIT-Brig登場]Auton!! Nestene!! [S07E02] Doctor Who and the Silurians(7 eps) [Bessie登場] Silurian(1st)!! -02- [S07E03] The Ambassadors of Death(7 eps) -M2-[S07E04] Inferno(7 eps) [Liz離開] [S08E01] Terror of the Autons(4 eps) [Jo登場] Master(13th)!!Auton!! Nestene!! [S08E02] The Mind of Evil(6 eps) Master(13th)!! -03-[S08E03] The Claws of Axos(4 eps) Master(13th)!! (Ga)[S08E04] Colony in Space(6 eps) Master(13th)!! [S08E05] The Daemons(5 eps) Master(13th)!! Neanderthal!! [S09E01] Day of the Daleks(4 eps) Supreme Dalek!! Gray Dalek!! (Ga)[S09E02] The Curse of Peladon(4 eps) Ice Warrior!!Alpha Centauran!! [S09E03] The Sea Devils(6 eps) Master(13th)!! (Ga)[S09E04] The Mutants(6 eps) -04-[S09E05] The Time Monster(6 eps) Master(13th)!! -05-(Ga)[10thSP] The Three Doctors(4 eps) [1st~3rd] Omega!! [S10E01] Carnival of Monsters(4 eps) Lurman!!Wallarian!!InterMinorian!! [S10E02] Frontier in Space(6 eps) Master(13th)!! Gray Dalek!! -M3-[S10E03] Planet of the Daleks(6 eps) Supreme Dalek!! [PREQSP] Global Conspiracy! [S10E04] The Green Death(6 eps) [Jo離開] [S11E01] The Time Warrior(4 eps)[SJA-Sarah登場] Sontaran!! [S11E02] Invasion of the Dinosaurs(6 eps) [Whomobile] [S11E03] Death to the Daleks(4 eps) Dalek Empire!! [S11E04] The Monster of Peladon(6 eps) Ice Warrior!!Alpha Centauran!! *[20thSP] The Five Doctors [S11E05] Planet of the Spiders(6 eps) [Whomobile][Doris] [ SP] Down to Earth:Filming Spearhead from Space(2011) [ HD SP] Spearhead from Space:HD Restoration(2013) 4th Doctor -M4-[S12E01] Robot(4 eps) [UNIT-Brig離開][Bessie離開][Harry登場] [S12E02] The Ark in Space(4 eps) [S12E03] The Sontaran Experiment(2 eps) Sontaran!! Sk(Ga)[S12E04] Genesis of the Daleks(6 eps) Kaled!!Thal!!Muto!!DalekEmbryo!! (Ga)[S12E05] Revenge of the Cybermen(4 eps)Davros!!GrayDalek!! [Harry離開] Cyberman2 & Mat(Planet 14)!! -06-[S13E01] Terror of the Zygons(4 eps) [UNIT-Brig&Harry] [S13E02] Planet of Evil(4 eps) [S13E03] Pyramids of Mars(4 eps) [S13E04] The Android Invasion(4 eps) [UNIT-Harry] (Ga)[S13E05] The Brain of Morbius(4 eps) [8 Morbius] Sisterhood of Karn!! [S13E06] The Seeds of Doom(6 eps) [UNIT] -06-2-[S14E01] The Masque of Mandragora(4 eps) [S14E02] The Hand of Fear(4 eps) [SJA-Sarah離開] Ga[S14E03] The Deadly Assassin(4 eps) Master(Decay)!! [S14E04] The Face of Evil(4 eps) [Leela登場] [S14E05] The Robots of Death(4 eps) [S14E06] The Talons of Weng-Chiang(6 eps) [TA] -07-[S15E01] Horror of Fang Rock(4 eps) Rutan!! [S15E02] The Invisible Enemy(4 eps) [K9-M1登場] [S15E03] Image of the Fendahl(4 eps) [S15E04] The Sun Makers(4 eps) [S15E05] Underworld(4 eps) Ga[S15E06] The Invasion of Time(6 eps) [Leela離開][K9-M1/K9-M2] Sontaran!! [S16E01] The Key to Time: The Ribos Operation(4 eps) [Romana-1登場] [S16E02] The Key to Time: The Pirate Planet(4 eps) [S16E03] The Key to Time: The Stones of Blood(4 eps) [S16E04] The Key to Time: The Androids of Tara(4 eps) [S16E05] The Key to Time: The Power of Kroll(4 eps) [S16E06] The Key to Time: The Armageddon Factor(6 eps) Shadow!! Black&White Guardian!! [XMASSP] Merry Christmas Doctor Who(1978搞笑短片) [ SP] K-9 and Company:A Girl's Best Friend [K9-M3]Hecate Cult!! Sk[S17E01] Destiny of the Daleks(4 eps)Movellan!!GrayDalek2(DalekEmpire)!! [Romana-2登場] Battle Computer!!!! Davros(SupremeCommander)!! [S17E02] City of Death(4 eps) [S17E03] The Creature from the Pit(4 eps) [S17E04] Nightmare of Eden(4 eps) -Romana-[S17E05] The Horns of Nimon(4 eps) *[20thSP] The Five Doctors [S17E06] Shada(未完成版/動畫版)(6 eps) [S18E01] The Leisure Hive(4 eps) [S18E02] Meglos(4 eps) [S18E03] The E-Space Trilogy: Full Circle(4 eps) [Adric登場] [S18E04] The E-Space Trilogy: State of Decay(4 eps) [S18E05] The E-Space Trilogy: Warriors' Gate(4 eps) [Romana-2&K9-M2離開] [S18E06] The Master Trilogy:Trakenite!! Melkur!! Foster!! The Keeper of Traken(4 eps)[Nyssa登場] Master(Decay/Stolen)!! [S18E07] The Master Trilogy:Logopolitan!! Master(Stolen)!! Logopolis(4 eps) [Tegan登場][Watcher] [Sarah][Harry][Brig][Leela][K9-M2][Romana-1/Romana-2] [ADS SP] Prime Computer(4 eps) [Romana-2] [GOD SP] Genesis of Classic(2006) [PLAYSP] Seven Keys to Doomsday [XMASSP] 2014 BBC Christmas Ident 5th Doctor [S19E01] The Master Trilogy:Castrovalva(4 eps) Master(Stolen)!! [S19E02] Four to Doomsday(4 eps) Urbankan!! [S19E03] Kinda(原版/CGI版)(4 eps) Kinda!! Mara!! [S19E04] The Visitation(4 eps) Terileptil!! [S19E05] Black Orchid(2 eps) [S19E06] Earthshock(4 eps) [Adric離開] Cyberman2(Telos)!! [S19E07] Time-Flight(4 eps)[Adric] Plasmaton!!Xeraphin!! [UNIT][Tegan離開] Master(Stolen)!! *[ SP] Jim'll Fix It:A Fix with Sontarans -08- Ga[S20E01] Arc of Infinity(4 eps) [Tegan登場]Ergon!!Omega!!Hedin!!Borusa!! [S20E02] Snakedance(原版/CGI版)(4 eps) Manussan!! Mara!! [RP DVD] Wartime [UNIT-Benton][Brig] *[CIN SP] Time Crash [S20E03] The Black Guardian Trilogy: Mawdryn Undead(4 eps) [Turlough登場][BPS-Brig] [S20E04] The Black Guardian Trilogy: Terminus(4 eps) [Nyssa離開] Vanir!! Garm!! [S20E05] The Black Guardian Trilogy:Eternal(Striker/Wrack)!! Enlightenment(4 eps) Black&White Guardian!! [S20E06] The King's Demons(2 eps) [Kamelion] Master(Stolen)!! -09- Ga[20thSP] The Five Doctors(原版/電影版) GrayDalek3!!Cyberman2(Telos)!! [Susan][UNIT-Brig]Yeti!! Raston!! Master(Stolen)!! Borusa!! [SJA-Sarah&K9-M3][1st~5th] Rassilon(13th)!! [Romana-2][Jamie][Zoe][Mike][Liz] [S21E01] Warriors of the Deep(4 eps) Silurian(2nd)!!Myrka!!Sea Devil!! [S21E02] The Awakening(2 eps) Malus!! Terileptil!! [S21E03] Frontios(4 eps) Tractator!! Trion!! [S21E04] The Imperial-Renegade Dalek Civil War Trilogy: Resurrection of the Daleks(4/2 eps)Charnel!!Darvos!!Movellan!! [Lytton][Tegan離開]Imperial & Renegade Dalek!!Dalek Agent!! [S21E05] Planet of Fire(4 eps)[Kamelion&Turlough離開][Peri登場] Trion!! [S21E06] The Caves of Androzani(4 eps)Master(Stolen)!! [Tegan][Turlough][Kamelion][Nyssa][Adric] [20thSP] The Ties That Bind Us [ SP] Come In Number Five [PLAYSP] Russel Harty:Christmas Party [SHOPSP] Swap Shop Appearances(1976-1982) [CIN SP] 1985 Children In Need(特別活動) 6th Doctor [S21E07] The Twin Dilemma(4 eps) Azmael(13th)!! Jacondan!! Gastropod!! [S22E01] Attack of the Cybermen(2 eps) [CHS][Lytton] Cryon!! Cyberman2 & Controller2(Telos)!! [S22E02] Vengeance on Varos(2 eps) Mentor!! [S22E03] The Mark of the Rani(2 eps) Rani!! Master(Stolen)!! -(01)-[S22E04] The Two Doctors(3 eps)[Jamie][2nd&6th] Androgum!! Sontaran!! [S22E05] Timelash(2 eps) Karfelon!! Morlox!! Bandril!! [S22E06] The Imperial-Renegade Dalek Civil War Trilogy:Imperial2(Glass Revelation of the Daleks(2 eps)/Necros)&RenegadeDalek!!Davros!! [ SP] Jim'll Fix It:A Fix with Sontarans[Tegan] Sontaran!! [S23E01] The Trial of a Time Lord:Inquisitor!! Mysterious Planet(4 eps)[Glitz][Valeyard] Drathro!!Andromedan!! [S23E02] The Trial of a Time Lord:Thordon!! Mentor!! Thoros Alphan!! Mindwarp(4 eps)[Peri離開] Raak!! Krontep!! [S23E03] The Trial of a Time Lord: Terror of the Vervoids(4 eps)[Mel] Mogarian!! Vervoid!! [S23E04] The Trial of a Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe(2 eps)[Glitz][Mel登場][Peri] Master(Stolen)!! [DVD SP] Doctor in Distress(Who Cares?) [PLAYSP] The Ultimate Adventure(1989 Musical Stage Play) [3th/?/6th] [WEB SP] Real Time [Evelyn] 7th Doctor [S24E01] Time and the Rani(4 eps) Rani!! Lakertyan!! Tetrap!! [S24E02] Paradise Towers(4 eps) Kroagnon!! [S24E03] Delta and the Bannermen(3 eps) [Ray]Navarino!!Chimeron!! [S24E04] Dragonfire(3 eps) [Glitz&Mel離開][Ace登場] Proamonian!! Sk[S25E01] The Imperial-Renegade Dalek Civil War Trilogy: Remembrance of the Daleks(4 eps) SpecialWeapon Dalek!!Agent!! [CHS][ICMG]Imperial3 & Renegade Dalek!!BattleComputer!!Davros!! [S25E02] The Happiness Patrol(3 eps) Kandyman!! Stigorax!! [S25E03] Silver Nemesis(3 eps)(25thSP) Peinforte!! Cyberman3(Telos)!! [S25E04] The Greatest ShowSegonaxian!! in the Galaxy(4 eps) Werewolf(Vulpana)!! God Ragnarok!! [RP DVD] Downtime [UNIT][BPS-Brig&Kate][SJA-Sarah][Victoria] GI!! Yeti!! [RP DVD] Daemos Rising [UNIT-Kate]Daemon!! [S26E01] Battlefield(4 eps) [UNIT-Brig&Bessie][Doris][Merlin] Morgaine!!Destroyer!! [S26E02] The Ace Trilogy:Ghost Light(3 eps)Eternal(Light)!!Neanderthal!! [S26E03] The Ace Trilogy:The Curse of Fenric(4 eps) Fenric!! Haemovore!! [S26E04] The Ace Trilogy:Survival(3 eps) Cheetah!!Master(Stolen)!! [CIN SP] Dimensions in Time 1(1993)[1st~7th] Rani!! Cyberman2(Telos)!! [Mel][Susan][SJA-Sarah][Peri][Nyssa] [30thSP] Dimensions in Time 2 [Liz][Mike][Bessie][Brig][Romana-2][Victoria][Leela][K9-M3] [SOS SP] Search Out Science:Search Out Space [Ace][K9-M3][Cedric] [WEB SP] Death Comes to Time [Ace][Antimony] [ SP] Clown Court[Ace][Ray] [30thSP] Police 5:The Master [DVD SP] Helter-Skelter [DVD SP] The Psychic Circus(Who's Who) [DVD SP] Endgame(2007) [DVD SP] UNIT Recruitment Film(1993) [30thSP] 30 Years in the TARDIS 8th Doctor -10M5-Sk[MOV SP] 1996 TV Movie [Grace] Master(Deathworm/14th)!! -M6-[50thSP] The Night of the Doctor [Cass] Sisterhood of Karn!! [PLAYSP] The Ultimate Adventure(1989) [ SP] Red Dwarf Special(1998) [COM SP] The Corridor Sketch(1991) [COM SP] The Curse of Fatal Death(1999)(2 eps) [WEB SP] Doctor Who Night:Introduction to the Night(1999) [WEB SP] Doctor Who Night:The Pitch of Fear / The Web of Caves / The Kidnappers(3 eps) [WEB SP] Doctor Who Night:Adventures in Space and Time(1999) [WEB SP] Shada(6 eps)(40thSP)[Romana-2][K9-M2] [WEB SP] Scream of the Shalka(6 eps) [CIN SP] 2003 Children In Need(特別活動) War Doctor Ga[50thSP] The Last DayTime War Dalek!! -11-*[50thSP] The Day of the Doctor ======= L A S T == G R E A T == T I M E == W A R ======= 9th Doctor -12M7-[S01E01] Rose [SP][Rose登場][Jackie&Mickey]Auton!! Nestene!! [S01E02] The Face of Boe Trilogy:Crespallion!!Balhoonian!! The End of the World [FOB][Cassandra]Tree of Cheem!! [S01E03] The Unquiet Dead [TW]Gelth!! [S01E04] Aliens of London [UNIT][TW3-Tosh][Jackie&Mickey][Harriet] [S01E05] World War ThreeSlitheen!! [S01E06] Dalek [Adam登場]Time War Dalek!! [S01E07] The Long Game [FOB][Adam離開]Jagrafess!! [S01E08] Father's Day [Jackie&Pete&Mickey]Reaper!! [S01E09] The Empty Child [TA-Jack登場]Chula!! Nanogene!! [S01E10] The Doctor Dances [S01E11] Boom Town [Mickey]Slitheen!! [S01E12] Bad Wolf [TW][FOB] [S01E13] The Parting of the WaysDalek Emperor!! Assault Dalek!! [Jackie&Mickey][Jack離開]TimeWarDalek(Emperor's Dalek Empire)!! 10th Doctor [CIN SP] Born Again(2005) [XMASSP] The Christmas Invasion(2005) [Jackie&Mickey][Harriet][UNIT][SP][TW1]Sycorax!! Roboform!! [XMASSP] Attack of the Graske(2005)Graske!! Slitheen!! [PREQSP] Tardisode 1:New Earth Prequel [S02E01] The Face of Boe Trilogy:New Earth [FOB][Cassandra]Catkind!! [PREQSP] Tardisode 2:Tooth and Claw Prequel [S02E02] Tooth and Claw [TW]Werewolf(Lupine Wavelength Haemovariform)!! [PREQSP] Tardisode 3:School Reunion Prequel [TW][Mickey登場] [S02E03] School Reunion [SJA-Sarah&K9-M3/K9-M4]Krillitane!! [PREQSP] Tardisode 4:The Girl in the Fireplace Prequel [S02E04] The Girl in the FireplaceClockwork Droid!! [PREQSP] Tardisode 5:Rise of the Cybermen Prequel [S02E05] Rise of the Cybermen [Para-TW&Pete&Jackie]Cyberman(Cybus)!! [PREQSP] Tardisode 6:The Age of Steel Prequel [S02E06] The Age of Steel [Mickey離開]CyberController(Cybus)!! [PREQSP] Tardisode 7:The Idiot's Lantern Prequel [S02E07] The Idiot's LanternWire!! [PREQSP] Tardisode 8:The Impossible Planet Prequel [S02E08] The Impossible PlanetOod!! [PREQSP] Tardisode 9:The Satan Pit Prequel [S02E09] The Satan Pit [TW]Beast!! Disciples of the Light!! [PREQSP] Tardisode 10:Love and Monsters Prequel [S02E10] Love and Monsters [TW][Saxon][Jackie]Hoix!! Abzorbalovian!! [PREQSP] Tardisode 11:Fear Her Prequel [S02E11] Fear Her [SP]Isolus!! [PREQSP] Tardisode 12:Army of Ghosts PrequelCyberman(Cybus)!! [S02E12] Army of Ghosts [TW1]Cult of Skaro(Thay&Jast&Cann&Sec)!! [PREQSP] Tardisode 13:Doomsday Prequel Time War Dalek(Dalek Empire)!! [S02E13] Doomsday [Para-Pete&Jackie&Rose&Mickey離開] [CIN SP] 2006 Cardiff Concert(10th Doctor主持) [XMASSP] The Runaway Bride(2006)[TW1][Donna][Saxon]Roboform!!Racnoss!! [S01E01] Everything Changes[Gwen&Rhys&Owen&Tosh&Ianto登場&Suzie]Weevil!! [S01E02] Day One [S01E03] The Ghost Machine [S01E04] Cyberwoman Cyberman(Cybus)!! [S01E05] Small Worlds Fairy!! [S01E06] Countrycide [S01E07] Greeks Bringing Gifts [UNIT] Arcateenian!! [S01E08] They Keep Killing Suzie [Suzie] [S01E09] Random Shoes [S01E10] Out of Time -M8-[S03E01] Smith and Jones[Saxon&SP][Martha登場]Judoon!!Plasmavore!!Slab!! [S03E02] The Shakespeare CodeCarrionite!! Eternal!! [S03E03] The Face of Boe Trilogy:Gridlock [FOB離開]Macra!! Catkind!! [S03E04] Daleks in ManhattanCult of Skaro(Thay&Jast&Cann&Sec)!! [S03E05] Evolution of the DaleksDalek Embryo!!Human Dalek!! [S03E06] The Lazarus Experiment [Saxon] [S03E07] 42 [Saxon] [VDO SP] What the Doctor tells Martha [S03E08] Human Nature [TA][Joan]Blood Family!! [S03E09] The Family of Blood [S03E10] BlinkWeeping Angel!! [VDO SP] DVD Easter Egg [ANIMSP] The Infinite Quest(13 eps)Baltazar!! Great Old One!! [S01E11] Combat Weevil!! [S01E12] Captain Jack Harkness [Saxon] [S01E13] End of Days Abaddon!! [S03E11] The Master Trilogy:Utopia[TW3-Jack登場]Malmooth!!Master(17th (Ga)[S03E12] The Master Trilogy:The Sound of Drums[UNIT][Saxon]/18th/1st)!! [S03E13] The Master Trilogy:Last of the Time Lords[Jack&Martha離開] [CIN SP] Time Crash(2007) [5th&10th] [XMASSP] Voyage of the Damned(2007)[Astrid][Wilf][Alonso]Zocci!!Stoian!! [S02E01] Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang [TA-John] Blowfish!! [S02E02] Sleeper Cell 114!! [S02E03] To the Last Man [S02E04] Meat [S02E05] Adam [TA-Gray]Eternal!! [S02E06] The Martha Jones Trilogy:Reset [UNIT-Martha登場] Mayfly!! [S02E07] The Martha Jones Trilogy:Dead Man WalkingWeevil!! Death!! [S02E08] The Martha Jones Trilogy:A Day In the Death [UNIT-Martha離開] [S02E09] Something Borrowed Nostrovia!! [S02E10] From Out Of the Rain Night Traveller!! [S02E11] Adrift [S02E12] Fragments [UNIT] Blowfish!! Parasite!! [S02E13] Exit Wounds [TA-John&Gray][Owen&Tosh離開] Arcateenian!! [ NY SP] Invasion of the Bane(2007)[Maria&Luke&MrSmith登場][K9-M4]Bane!! [S01E01] Revenge of the Slitheen(2 eps) [Clyde登場][SP]Slitheen!! [S01E02] Eye of the Gorgon(2 eps) Gorgon!! Wallarian!! [S01E03] Warriors of Kudlak(2 eps) Uvodni!! Slab!! [S01E04] Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?(2 eps) Trickster!! Graske!! [S01E05] The Lost Boy(2 eps) [PI-Celeste][K9-M4] Slitheen!!Xylok!! [S04E01] Partners in Crime [SP][Donna登場][Wilf][Rose]Adipose!! [S04E02] The Fires of Pompeii [SP]Pyrovile!! [S04E03] Planet of the Ood Ood!! [S04E04] The Sontaran Stratagem [UNIT-Martha登場][Wilf]Sontaran!! [S04E05] The Poison Sky [Rose] [S04E06] The Doctor's Daughter [Jenny][Martha離開]Hath!! [S04E07] The Unicorn and the WaspVespiform!! -River-[S04E08] Silence in the Library [River] Vashta Nerada!! 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[S09E04] Before the Flood [UNIT]Fisher King!! Arcateenian!! [S09E05] The Girl Who Died [Ashildr]Odin!!Mire!! [S09E06] The Woman Who Lived [The Nightmare/Lady Me]Leandro!! [S09E07] The Zygon Invasion [UNIT-Kate&Osgood]Zygon!! [S09E08] The Zygon Inversion [S09E09] Sleep No MoreGrunt!! Sandman!! [S09E10] The Clara Trilogy:Face the Raven [Rigsy][Mayor Me][Clara離開]LurkWorm!!QuantumShade!!Janus!! [S09E11] The Clara Trilogy:Heaven Sent [Clara] Rassilon(15th)!!General(11th/12th)!! -(01)-Ga[S09E12] The Clara Trilogy:Hell BentCloisterWraith!!Sisterhood of Karn!! -M10- [Clara&Me離開]TimeWarDalek!!Cyberman(Future)!!WeepingAngel!! [S01E01] For Tonight We Might Die [12th] Rhodian!!Quill!! Shadow Kin!! [Quill&Charlie&Matteusz&April&Tanya&Ram登場&Rachel] [S01E02] The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo [UNIT][GOV] Leaf Dragon!! [S01E03] Nightvisiting [Rachel] Lankin!! [S01E04] Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart [GOV] [S01E05] Brave-ish Heart Shadow Kin!! [S01E06] Detained Prisoner!! 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[Nardole&Bill&Heather離開] Sentient Oil!! [Rose][Martha][Donna][Jack] [PG-Vastra&Jenny][Sarah][Amy][Clara][River] -(01)-Ga[XMASSP] Twice Upon a Time(2017)[Rusty] [Ben&Polly][Bill&Nardole&Clara][1st&12th] [ SP] The Ultimate Time Lord/The Ultimate Companion(2 eps) [SONGSP] Foxes performs 'Don't Stop Me Now' on board the Orient Express [WEB SP] Mind My Minions(2015) [XMASSP] 2015 BBC Christmas Ident:Sprout Boy meets a Galaxy of Stars [CBBSSP] The Robot Reveal(2016) [WEB SP] Keep Counting(2016) [CIN SP] Looking for Pudsey(2016) [BIT SP] micro:bit(3 parts)(2017) [BIT SP] micro:bit 2:Defeat the Daleks (Mission Sonic+Mission Decode+Mission hack)(2017) 13th Doctor -M11-[S11E01] The Woman Who Fell to Earth [Graham&Ryan&Yaz登場&Grace]Stenza!! [S11E02] The Ghost MonumentAlbarian!!Muxteran!!Stenza!!Remnant!! [S11E03] Rosa [S11E04] Arachnids In The UK [Grace] [S11E05] The Tsuranga ConundrumGifftan!!Keeban!! Ayonian!!Pting!! [S11E06] Demons Of The PunjabThijarians!! [S11E07] Kerblam! [S11E08] The WitchfindersMorax!! [S11E09] It Takes You Away [Grace] [S11E10] The Battle of Ranskoor Av KolosStenza!! Ux!! [ NY SP] Resolution(2019)Reconnaissance Dalek!! [S12E01] Spyfall 1(2020) Kasaavin!! Master!! [S12E02] Spyfall 2 [S12E03] Orphan 55 [S12E04] Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror Skithra!! [S12E05] Fugitive of the Judoon[Ruth][Jack] Judoon!! [S12E06] Praxeus [S12E07] Can You Hear Me? [Grace] Zellin!! Rakaya!! [S12E08] The Haunting of Villa Diodati [S12E09] Ascension of the Cybermen Cyberman!! Master!! [S12E10] The Timeless Children Judoon!! [XMASSP] Revolution of the Daleks(2020)Dalek!! [白] 故事主線 [紅] 番外小短篇 [紫] 互動遊戲式劇情 [靛] 搞笑短片、特別活動或聖誕特別篇的Preview [黃] 特別紀念影片 [綠] 慶典或音樂會 [藍] 衍生劇 TorchWood [TW] [紫] 衍生劇 The Sarah Jane Adventures [SJA] [靛] 衍生劇 K-9 [K9] [綠] 衍生劇 Class(Coal Hill School) [CHS] [紅] Reeltime Pictures(RP)衍生劇 UNified Intelligence Taskforce [UNIT] The Governors [GOV] Time Agency [TA] Pharos Institute [PI] The Shadow Proclamation [SP] Zaggit Zagoo Bar [ZZB] The Church of the Papal Mainframe [CPM] Stormcage Containment Facility [SCF] The Maldovarium Market [MM] Brendon Public School [BPS] Paternoster Gang [PG] [-01-] TARDIS Regeneration [-M1-] Sonic Screwdriver Mark [ Ga ] Gallifrey [ Sk ] Skaro -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(, 來自: ※ 文章網址:
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