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little boat i once had a boat it's so small we talked to each other sometimes we hardly said goodbye until we saw the sunrise 我曾經有一艘船 很小很小的船 我們偶而會和彼此談話 一起看到日出之前 我們不輕易道別 i once had a boat might be a long time ago we waited for the dawn sometimes "i'm glad it's not raining today" "but i like rain" it said 我曾經有一艘船 也許是好久好久以前 我們偶而一塊等待拂曉 "我很高興今天沒下著雨" "但我是喜歡下雨的" 它說 i once had a boat a blue striped one we daydreamed together sometimes but we never got to sail "what is your dreamland like?" 我曾經有一艘船 一艘藍白色條紋的船 我們偶而一起作著白日夢 但我們從未能航行過 "你的夢境, 是什麼模樣的呢?" i once had a boat while i was drowned we shared our bruises sometimes "stars and hearts, for you" i put the sky in my pocket 我曾經有一艘船 正當我被淹沒的時候 我們偶而分享著彼此的瘀傷 " ☆ 和 , 給你的" 我把天空收進我的口袋 i once had a boat and now i'm all broke nothing left, no one spoke a big hole in my little boat and a wound, in my world 我曾經有一艘船 而現在我一無所有 沒有剩下什麼, 沒人說些什麼 一個大洞, 在我的小船上 和一個傷口, 在我的世界中 -- up and down, up and down slow fast, slow fast --
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