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看板 GreenEyes
作者 busrider
時間2009-04-30 03:13:39
Here are names of our songs that we can recall, please help add missing ones or refereces to the titles, much much appreciated!!!! Circa 2004-2006 written with xiaopa The Beginning (of...) Love Maniac I'm Going Home Government In Your Room (LOBO2) Eyes Inside My Head Autism (Original Version) Punk Rock (has Its End) 1989 Funny How Love Is Standing on a Doorway Just to See if She Happenes to Come Walking By Dreams Hardly Ever Change Things for the Better In The End Holy Cow Dear Boy, Why Don't You Go Out and Play? It's What Make Us Change Autism No One to Rescue Give In, Give Out Green Spider (Ukelele) Over Mountains, Cross The Sea Venus on Mars Nothing at all is what I've found Down Run Run Run Gimme A Reason To Say I'm Alright Happy Child Dr. Choke Goodmouth (Now It's On) ...And On The Day You Were Used To It Double Portrait Life Wasted Dangerous Minds The Moment You Got The Desires Lonliness Got Me In The Night Television Sets I Don't Mind If You Insist Undone Weight Of Reality A Short Retelling Of... In Your Room (Alt. Version) Green Spider (Band Version) Every Little Thing Counts Impulsive Dilemma How to Mend a Lonely Heart The Container of Dead Child 2006-2007 Duo Period Twirly Desiny Reason for Cigarattes Too Slow for the Wheel Part of Life Nothing Cellphone Phobia 2008 -2009 by Serious Boys Imaged Nation Hopital Time Bonding Line Like a Metronome Wedontknowhatweveknowniswedontknow Best Days Fewer Strangers Sleeping Bag Little Baby Cries Grey Stealing Heads Please Stroryman Outta Time, Outta mind Crossing Years (Jingle Bell) Hatred Too Slow for the Wheel (newer version) Going Home (Newer Version) Exploited Haunted -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊( ※ 編輯: busrider 來自: (04/30 03:33)
heihei0702:期待!!!! 07/30 15:45
ridosa: 02/10 21:40

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