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Hey hey, Smol's album Yawaraka Flow is still available in some record stores, I believe I've seen one in Underworld the other night. As to the draw a smile, we don't even have a copy. And the orginal multi-track files and master all died in a harddrive disaster, I learnt to make backups from this... Here's some little trivia about Draw a Smile that might be interesting to share: There're actally three different versions of "Draw a Smile:" The first one only released during our tour to Japan in the summer of 2005 and at 2 shows in Taiwan. Actually the whole printing process was done while we were in Japan. This is the original version containing really basic live tracks with only a few overdubs. The arrangements of Smol's songs are totally different from 2nd version. We only made about 50-80 copies of this version. The second version was released on February 24th, 2006. We did a whole bunch of new recordings on top of the original version, changed the arrangements, played with the mixer. A much better vocal works were done for both Smol and Green!Eyes songs as well. Honestly this version is like containing 8 brand new songs. The strange part is this version was mastered in mono, I think it's a mistake that I encountered while making the master. Only about 40 copies were sold. The third version was later released through mail orders and at some shows, and this was remastered back to stereo version. We even added a secret track to the EP, making it actually a 9 songs EP. About 400-500 copies were sold. Every copies of each version were strictly handmade, and most of the income were donated to either the recovery of Indonesia Tsunami or 心路基金會 for helping autistic children. I painted the cover picture while working in 宜蘭 in 2005, and it's funny how the painting ended up being sent to Orbis, the manager of the wall. I didn't ask him about the painting until earlier this year, and he stated he no longer knew where it is. This has became an amusing mystery of the "Draw a Smile EP." Smol is still my favorite Taiwanese band even so many years has been passed. I still have a clear picture of the day I met their music. I was stunned to know there were people play this kind of music in Taiwan. We have so many good bands now here in the indie music scene, still I didn't hear anything have such an unchangeable impact to my ears. Smol along with Diamond Vehicles had mark my green days, while still in high school I was too young to get the admission to see their lives at bars, therefore I had to wait at the entrance to hear their music leaking out through the doorway, it was still so beautiful to be a memory. I think I lost my interest in making music after they were gone in 2006, Green!Eyes therefore went into a quite long hiatus back then. And till today I missed them not any less, so much wish they were still here playing their new songs and I could secretly wipe out my tears when the spotlights temporally ceased their power during songs. Just like what you said "人生最美好真的不過如此 謝謝你們!" I feel ashamed listening to it while knowing some best lives are still left unheard and no longer to be heard. And I regret not saying this when there still are chances to get touched. Thank you for reminding me. Best luck on finding your copy. I wish I had one to give you. ※ 引述《sabrina7418 ()》之銘言: : 在最近聽到這張EP裡的歌以後真的是瘋狂的愛上 : Green!Eyes和Smol我都很喜歡 : 可惜找遍了各大網站都找不到他的蹤跡QQ : 想來這邊詢問 還有沒有地方能買到他? : 或是願意賣給我的 請站內信 : (不知道能否在這邊po這樣的文章 如否請告知我會刪除) : 有幸參與之前女巫店的那場演出 : 微涼的夜晚 讓我微醺的調酒跟超棒的Green!Eyes : 人生最美好真的不過如此 謝謝你們! -- ※ 編輯: busrider 來自: (06/07 10:24)
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