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引言: "When I was a freshman, I flipped a coin with my friends to decide which club to join and ended up in the theatre club.” One coin flip. That was how Kim Tae-ri found her way onto her first stage, where she started to dream of becoming an actress. Some may say it was just a stroke of serendipity, but in a way, her life under the spotlight was written in the stars. After working as part of a theatre troupe crew, Tae-ri ventured toward the silver screen without formal acting training. She beat the odds at an audition for renowned director Park Chan-wook’s psychological thriller The Handmaiden and landed her first leading role in her first feature film, one that won her a whopping 11 awards. In the coming-of-age drama Twenty Five Twenty One, Tae-ri transformed into an aspiring fencer and brought her character’s sunny demeanour to life with youthful vigour, taking home Best Actress at the 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards. Her latest sci-fi endeavour, Alienoid, is yet another testament to her versatile acting prowess. As she fondly recalls the start of her career, Tae-ri says: “Thank you, coin.” And as her audience, we’d like to say the same. 「當我還是大一的時候,我和朋友們擲硬幣決定加入哪個社團,最後進入了戲劇社。」透 過擲一枚硬幣。就這樣,金泰梨登上了她的第一個舞台,開始夢想成為一名演員。有人可 能會說這只是偶然的機會,但在某種程度上,她就是注定要成為聚光燈下那顆閃亮的星。 作為劇團工作人員的一員後,泰梨在沒有接受過正式表演訓練的情況下冒險進入大銀幕。 她在著名導演朴贊鬱的心理驚悚片《下女的誘惑》的試鏡中戰勝了困難,並在她的第一部 故事片中贏得了她的第一個主要角色,這部影片也為她贏得了高達十一個獎項。在成年劇 《二十五,二十一》中,泰梨化身為一名有抱負的擊劍手,以青春活力將她性格陽光明媚 的風度帶入角色中,獲得了 2022 年百想藝術大賞的最佳女演員獎。她最新的科幻作品 《 外星+人》再次證明了她多才多藝的表演能力。當她深刻地回憶起她職業生涯的開始時,泰 梨說:「謝謝你,硬幣。」作為她的影迷,我們也想說同樣的話。 以下為專訪內容: We heard that you wanted to become a news anchor before university. When was the moment you knew you actually wanted to be an actress? I only wanted to give news anchoring a try, but I dreamt about being an actress. When I was a freshman, I flipped a coin with my friends to decide which club to join and ended up in the theatre club. At the beginning of my second year of university, I put on a monodrama performance to promote the club to freshmen — it was then that I decided I wanted to be an actress. So, thank you, coin. Before your debut, you’ve picked up a handful of part-time jobs at a cafe, convenience store and fast-food restaurant to support yourself. Were there any lessons from these experiences that you carried with you on your acting journey? I think life is a school for an actor. Of course, my part-time job experiences were helpful in my acting journey. From the moment I open my eyes in the morning until I close my eyes at night and dream, all the stimuli, emotions and thoughts help me act. That’s why I pay attention to the smallest of details and try to live a colourful life. Q:我們聽說你想在進入大學之前成為一名新聞主播。妳是什麼時候知道妳真的想成為一名演 員的? A:我只是想嘗試一下新聞主播,但我的夢想還是成為一名演員。當我還是大一的時候,我 和朋友們擲硬幣決定加入哪個社團,最終進入了戲劇社。在我大學二年級開始時,我表演 了一場獨角戲,以向新生推廣戲劇社。就在那時,我決定要成為一名演員。所以,謝謝你 ,硬幣。 Q:出道前,妳在咖啡館、便利店和速食店找了幾份兼職工作來養活自己。妳在演藝路上有 沒有從這些經歷中汲取經驗? A:我認為生活是演員的學校。當然,我的兼職工作經歷對我的演藝之路很有幫助。從我早 上睜開眼睛到晚上閉上眼睛做夢的那一刻,所有的刺激、情緒和想法都在幫助我行動。這 就是為什麼我關注最小的細節並嘗試過多采多姿的生活。 You recently starred in the global hit series Twenty-Five Twenty-One. What was the first impression you had of your character Na Hee-do? Did that impression change as you stepped into her shoes and delved deeper into the role? My first impression of Hee-do was: how is it possible for a child to be so full of positivity and radiate such bright energy? Then I realised, ah, she has a dark side. She shines so brightly because she has always fought the darkness in her own way. If you could say one thing to 21-year-old Kim Tae-ri, what would it be? You're doing great. Just continue as you are doing now. Q:您最近出演了全球熱門劇集《二十五,二十一》。妳對角色羅希度的第一印象是什麼? 當妳在揣摩並更深入地研究這個角色時,這種印象是否發生了變化? A:我對希度的第一印象是:一個孩子怎麼可能如此積極向上,散發出如此明亮的能量?然 後我意識到,啊,她有陰暗的一面。 她之所以能夠如此耀眼,是因為她一直以自己的方式 與黑暗面作鬥爭。 Q:如果妳可以對21歲的金泰梨說一件事,妳會說什麼? A:妳做得很好。請像現在一樣繼續保持。 You’re starring in the upcoming sci-fi movie Alienoid. What was the most challenging scene you filmed? When we first started filming, the action scenes we shot were fun but difficult. I practised hard, but when I arrived on set, everything would change, so I needed time to adjust to that in the beginning. I was a little shy about doing ancient martial arts from the Goryeo Dynasty, but then I got more and more excited about it. The directors and staff all told me to be careful…haha! Alienoid takes place as the gates of time open between Korea’s Goryeo Dynasty and the present in 2022. If you could travel through time and space, where would you go and why? This is an interesting question. I’ve thought about it for a long time…but I couldn’t come to a specific conclusion. I’m pretty much in love with the times I’m living in right now. I don’t have this grand desire to travel to the future or go back in time to change history. Q:您將主演即將上映的科幻電影《外星+人》。妳所拍攝的場景中什麼最具挑戰性? A:剛開始拍的時候,我們拍的動作戲很有趣,但也很難。 我很努力地練習,但是當我到達 片場時,一切都變了,所以我一開始需要時間來適應。 從高麗時代開始,我對做古代的 武術有點害羞,但後來我越來越興奮。 導演和工作人員都告訴我務必要小心…哈哈! Q:《外星+人》發生在2022年時,高麗王朝和現在間的時間之門打開時。如果妳可以穿越 時空,會想去哪裡,為什麼? A:這是個有趣的問題。 我想了很久…但我無法得出一個具體的結論。 我非常喜歡現在 生活的時代。 我沒有這種去未來旅行或回到過去改變歷史的宏願。 Your roles are really diverse and spread across different genres from romance to sci-fi. How do you prepare for them? I prepare things specific to my roles as I go forward. I learnt Japanese for The Handmaiden, cooking when I filmed Little Forest, horseback riding and shooting for Mr Sunshine, gymnastics for Alienoid and fencing for Twenty Five Twenty One. I also go over the script and talk a lot with the writer and director. Rather than focusing on the genre, I feel like actors should increase our versatility and flexibility so that we can adapt to different changes in the field. What do you look for when you choose your roles? I see if it’s a character for a story or a story about a character. I also look at the lines and the scenes. The most important question I ask myself is: “Do you want to play this character?” What is something you’ve learnt about yourself since your acting debut? I am a person who always tries my best. If you were to be reborn and live your life as one of your characters, which one would you be and why? Hee-do, but I don’t want to be born again. I think Heedo and I are the most similar, and I also want to experience life in the ‘80s and ‘90s fully. Q:妳出演的角色非常多樣化,分佈在從浪漫到科幻的不同類型中。妳如何為他們的詮釋做 準備? A:在出演的過程中,我會根據自己的角色準備一些特定的東西。我為《下女的誘惑》學習 了日語,為《小森林》學習了烹飪,為《陽光先生》學習了騎馬和射擊,為 《外星+人》 學習了體操,為《二十五,二十一》學習了擊劍。我也會根據劇本,跟編劇和導演聊了很 多。與其專注於類型,我覺得演員應該增加我們的多功能性和靈活性,以便我們能夠適應 該領域的不同變化。 Q:當妳選擇妳的角色時,妳會根據什麼? A:我看看它是一個故事的角色還是一個關於角色的故事。我也看台詞和場景。我問自己最 重要的問題是:「你想扮演這個角色嗎?」。 Q:自從出道以來,您對自己有什麼了解? A:我是一個總是盡力而為的人。 Q:如果妳重生並作為妳的角色之一過妳的生活,妳會是哪一個,為什麼? A:嘻嘻,但我不想重生。我覺得希度和我最像,我也想充分體驗一下80、90年代的生活。 You recently fell in love with bird watching. What made you pick up the hobby? What is your favourite kind of bird? A close friend asked me to go bird watching, I did, and I just fell in love. First of all, it was really fun to look at something through my binoculars. Once I know the name, shape and sound of a bird, I will keep noticing it in my life, and my day becomes more exciting. My favourite bird is an owl — it’ s my dream bird. I haven’t seen it yet. What’s next for Kim Tae-ri? Where do you see yourself in five years? I think my future will be very sexy in many ways. Q:妳最近愛上了賞鳥。是什麼讓妳養成了這個愛好?最喜歡哪種鳥? A:一個好朋友讓我去賞鳥,我照做了,然後我就愛上這件事。首先,透過我的雙筒望遠鏡 看東西真的很有趣。 一旦我知道了一隻鳥的名字、形狀和聲音,我就會在我的生活中不 斷地注意到牠,我的一天會變得更加精彩。 我最喜歡的鳥是貓頭鷹——牠是我夢寐以求 的鳥。 我還沒有看到牠。 Q:金泰梨的下一步是什麼? 五年後你在哪裡看自己? A:我認為我的未來在很多方面都會非常性感。 來源:https://www.voguehk.com/en/article/fashion/kim-tae-ri-august-cover/ 喜歡泰梨的可以點連結進去看Vogue拍攝的照片 把她拍得很好看 翻譯則是我自己翻譯的 若有不通順的地方 歡迎可以推文告訴我 謝謝 --
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