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時間2001-08-13 13:33:27
呵這小倆口近來為了籌備婚禮的事宜拌了點嘴;) 小妮想要辦個大型的婚禮 宴請眾親朋好友齊來慶賀 但厭惡媒體騷擾的 Liam 卻希望只低調的請雙方父母兄弟姊妹來公證就好 不過相信因為小金金的關係 他們倆會很快協調出解決之道的 Cheers! Patsy "Gallagher" PICTURE: Liam fails to tie the knot TROUBLE 'N' STRIFE: They can't agree over nuptials BRIDE-AND-GROOM-TO-BE Nicole Appleton and Liam Gallagher have postponed plans for a quick wedding after rows about the size of the ceremony. The couple, who were expected to tie the knot in the next few weeks, clashed after ex-All Saint beauty Nicole said she wanted a traditional bash with invites for all their friends and relatives. Liam said he'd prefer to slip away and get hitched with the minimum of fuss. I hear the Oasis singer recently tried to persuade Nicole to marry him in a simple ceremony in Thailand, where he once romanced his pop babe fiancee. The Oasis star wants only his brother Noel and girlfriend Sara MacDonald present at the ceremony. But Nicole is having none of it. A source told me: "She is adamant that she wants a big wedding with as many family and friends as possible at the bash. But Liam and Nicole are in love and we're sure the problem will be resolved." There was some speculation that the couple would get hitched on August 4 when the couple went to Japan then flew on to Thailand. But the rumours were scotched when the pair arrived back in Britain still single. Oasis now return to the studio to finish work on a new album. The band have also announced a series of British tour dates in October. NEWS OF THE WORLD
-- here is a pocket full of life with no solution take it for what it is its only drunken lies --Oasis. Strange Thing --
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