Noel 偕同女友 Sara 出席 U2 演唱會

看板 Oasis
作者 PatsyGallagh
時間2001-08-14 16:42:47 Bono 還獻了一首歌給他們倆哩;) Cheers! 幸福的頭子 Patsy "Gallagher" This is for you two ... Bono picked out Noel and Sara NOEL GALLAGHER and his girlfriend Sara MacDonald were in the capacity Arena crowd and got a special mention from Bono. Moments before bursting into One, he said: "I want to play this for Noel and Sara." The band will play four sell-out concerts at London's Earls Court between August 18 and 22. There are also talks to go back to America to play a further 25 dates due to the tour's success. Source: The Sun
-- you missed the moon on monday morning cause you don't mean anything to anyone anymore --Oasis. See The Sun --
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